DIY Industrial Desk Lamps by NimiDesign via Cox & Cox

DIY Industrial Desk Lamp

Making your own furniture can be an ideal solution if you see a design that you like somewhere but can’t afford it as great design often comes at a high price. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for a project and it gives you a real sense of satisfaction every time you use the finished object. Minni of NimiDesign saw this industrial style desk lamp on Cox & Cox (no longer for sale) and decided to make her own version.

Original Light from Cox & Cox

Original Lamp from Cox & Cox

The end result of her DIY project looks virtually identical to the original to the right which on one hand is impressive but then again I think it would have been nicer to add more of a personal touch rather than straight-up copying. However it’s pretty harmless in my opinion to replicate another’s design if it’s only for your personal use and you aren’t looking to profit from it. It’s a great way to enjoy their design if you wouldn’t have been able to ordinarily afford their item.

The process is documented on her blog in three posts (1, 2, 3) and while it doesn’t give numbered step by step instructions, it shows you everything you need to make your own and pictures a breakdown of various components of the light included below. She’s cleverly made use of a Fas light from Ikea which costs just $10 / £14 / €10 And covers all the electrical aspects of the lamp such as the wiring, plug and the light bulb holder while also coming with a metal lamp shade which resembles the original light. I recommend buying cheap lights such as these to base your own creations on, partly for safety but also because it’s actually often cheaper than buying the separate components and assembling your own.

The arm of the desk lamp is adjustable, pivoting at three points allowing you to angle the light and was created from teak battens joined with wing nut bolts. The cable of the light is weaved loosely between the rods to achieve an industrial edge which is a much easier approach than trying to conceal the wiring. The base of this desk lamp has been cast in concrete using a plastic shelving insert as a mould and bolts were set within the concrete while wet for a sturdy fixing point from which to attach the arm.

DIY Industrial Desk Light Arm

DIY Industrial Desk Lamp Concrete Base

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