Copyright and Intellectual Property.


Homeli is a website that aims to promote the work of the designers whose projects we feature, as well as to offer our readers unique and insightful information about said projects. As a result, the copyright of the images featured on this belong to the respective creators of said images and are used under fair use guidelines to promote their work.


Passages embedded in a blockquote format, as well as sentences within quotation marks, are quotes from either the designer of the featured project, or from someone relevant to the subject matter, and are intended to add value to the article. We incorporate these under United Kingdom fair use rules and we obviously don’t claim copyright over these quotations.

Article Text

However all other text featured within articles on (that is not a quotation from an external source, or a registered trademark etc.) was written exclusively for this website and we consider it to be our intellectual property. We permit you to peruse our text at your leisure — that is the point after all — and we also allow you to reference it within your own works as a fair and reasonable quotation. However we must insist that you clearly attribute such citations to ‘Homeli’ and that a hyperlink pointing to the original page is included in a visible manner to the reader.

Accuracy of Information.

Careful research is carried out while writing Homeli articles but we take no responsibility for mistakes or inaccuracies that do make their way into posts. As a result we can’t guarantee the accuracy of any information supplied on this site, which includes any DIY project guides we provide. I’d also like to take this opportunity to urge you to take all necessary safety precautions when following our DIY guides, and to point out that Homeli takes no responsibility for any injuries, deaths or damage to property that might occur while following our guides.

External Links.

Articles on Homeli feature links to external websites and obviously we can’t be responsible for the content of these sites. At the time that the link was written into an article, its destination was deemed to be a high quality and relevant resource, but over time the content that links point to can change or they can become broken. Please contact us if you find any broken or irrelevant links. This includes links within article bodies as well as links within user comments.

Linking to Homeli.

Of course you’re allowed to create hyperlinks pointing visitors to and any of its subpages (we’re not some hopelessly out of touch newspaper). However you’re absolutely not allowed to hotlink images that are hosted on Homeli to appear inline on your website (and we reserve the right to substitute the image you’re hotlinking for something embarrassing).

If you made it to the end of this ponderous tome then congratulations, you are not one of the 99%. You might also enjoy reading our Privacy Policy.