Iconic Landmarks Printed with Bicycle Tyre Tracks by Thomas Yang

'God Save The Bike' Tower Bridge Tyre Track Print by Thomas Yang

Thomas Yang has been hard at work rolling ink coated bicycle tyres over paper and has created impressions of some of the world’s most iconic landmark buildings. These are the Empire State Building, New York; Tower Bridge, London; The Eiffel Tower, Paris; and the Forbidden City, Beijing; and the likenesses Yang has realised in such an unusual and simple medium is startling.

Collage of Bike Wheel Paintings by Thomas Yang

12 different bicycle tyre tracks went into creating these prints, with varying widths and tread patterns. Tom Yang simply applied a black ink pigment to the tyres and then rolled the wheels over paper in sweeping curves. The repeated pattern of the individual sipes helps to create an abstract masonry effect as well as making shading possible.

'The Cyclist's Empire' State Building Abstract Bike Tyre Print by 100 Copies

Like rice, the bicycle is deeply ingrained in China’s culture. Once a sign of backwardness, the “people’s vehicle” is now enjoying a hip revival.Thomas Yang

The Eiffel Tower with Inked Bicycle Tyre Tracks by Thomas Yang

Empire State Building Spire with Bicycle Tyre

Aside from these tyre track landmarks, Thomas Yang has also created a number of other cycling inspired designs which he sells as either prints or T-shirts through his webshop: 100 Copies. You guessed it, his artworks are limited to 100 editions each and a lot of the tyre track landmark series has already sold out. However there are still a few artist’s proofs available as well as sets of all 4 of the Landmark Series.

The Unforbidden Cyclist City Bicycle Wheel Painting by Thomas Yang

Close-up of Tower London Bike Track Print (opt)

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