Pod Detachable Modular Clamp Lamp by Ashleigh Stephens

Pod Clamp Lamp by Ashleigh Stephens

Pod is an ingenious modular lighting system made up of a clamp stand featuring tree-like branches and several self-contained lamps which rest on these branches. The Pods hook onto these branches and are held there under their own weight making Pod a very simple, well designed piece of furniture by Ashleigh Stephens.

Although the pod clamp lamp has been pictured here as a desk lamp, perhaps thanks to the clamp fitting which is more appropriate to tables, I think that the detachable nature of the pods makes the system perfectly suited for bedside lighting. Firstly because the lamps can be adjusted and angled to serve as reading lights but also because you can easily remove one from the stand and use it as torch while going to the bathroom during the night rather than turning on multiple room lights.

Clamped Pod Lamp in Use

The pod lamps appear to be operated simply by a push button at located at the end of the modules which would be very easy to find in the dark. They have beveled, flat-ended octahedron shapes and a size which would make them very ergonomic to hold in one hand.

Details about the project are quite scarce online with no official website or even a Behance entry. At first glance the material being used seems to be American black walnut although this could well just be dark stained oak. Either way the pod lights and the clamp stand upon which they rest appear to be made of solid wood and would work well with pretty much any interior design style.

Pod Light in Hand

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  1. Peter Kolevas

    I am interested in buying some of the lamp. Is it possible to contact the designer.



  2. Wayne

    Do you know where i can buy the Ashleigh Stephens POD light described on your website please?

    1. Avatar photo Author

      Unfortunately I believe the Pod light was only a concept/prototype and isn’t in production. It might get picked up by a manufacturer in the future though.

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