Aro Hā Wellness Retreat in New Zealand by Tennent + Brown Architects

Aro Hā by Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand

The Aro Hā resort has been set up to be completely self-sufficient both in terms of energy and food, with highly sustainable eco-architecture designed by Tennent + Brown. The resort describes itself as a Wellness Retreat and serves as a destination for healthy, meditative holidays comprising of yoga, hiking and detoxifying vegetarian cuisine within a luxury setting.

Natural Stone Paved Areas at Aro Hā by Tennent + Brown Architecture

Aro Hā is made up of ten single-storey structures with mono-pitched roofs and is capable of accommodating 32 visitors at a time. The buildings were designed by Tennent + Brown, an architectural studio based in New Zealand with a strong emphasis on environmentally sustainable design.

Aro Hā Resort Buildings

Timber Cladding surrounding Window at Aro Hā

The buildings are heavily composed of wood and incorporate timber cladding in the interior and exterior. As a renewable resource that doubles up as a carbon store, wood is a far more sustainable material than concrete. Natural stone that is congruous with the surrounding terrain has been laid outside to form a tiered paved area and small swimming pool.

Spa at Aro Hā Wellness Resort, New Zealand

Accommodation at Aro Hā Wellness Retreat

The establishment opened to guests at the start of 2014 and is set within the diverse landscapes of New Zealand. Aro Hā overlooks Lake Wakatipu on the south island and is rather remote making the location ideal for a healthy, peaceful getaway.

Aro Hā in New Zealand Mountain Setting

Solar Panels for Self Sufficiency at Aro Ha in New Zealand

Terrace of Aro Ha Wellness Hotel by Tennent and Brown

Aro Hā Wellness Retreat in New Zealand by Tennent + Brown Architects

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