NotKnot Cushions by Umemi – Knitted Wool Rope Knot Pillows on Vökuró

Turks Head NotKnotCushion

NotKnot cushions were created by Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir, an Icelandic designer who goes by the name Umemi. These playful pillows are made of chunky tubular woollen rope which is used to form a range of nautical, scout and decorative knots. They measure roughly 18 inches in diameter and make perfect furnishings for minimalist yet cosy scandinavian interior design schemes.

Knotnot Cushions on Chairs

Good Luck NotKnot Cushion by Umemi from Vökuró

The woollen tubes are machine knitted and are then hand filled with acrylic stuffing before being knotted by Ragnheiður Ösp of Umemi into the various NotKnot cushion designs. These include the Turks Head, Ashley’s Flower and Good Luck knots as well as a round brocade ring pictured below in orange. Each of these knots are available in around eight different colours to suit all styles and can be effectively combined to match a room’s colour scheme.

Orange Round Brocade NotKnot Cushion by Umemi

Dog Sleeping in Round Brocade NotKnot Cushion by Umemi

Beware of imitations! Due to the popularity of NotKnot cushions, many cheap copies have been made which are simply stealing the creative idea of Ragnheiður Ösp. This is a really sad thing to see happen in any field of design, but particularly in the handmade work of an individual designer.

Original Umemi NotKnot pillows are made of 100% Icelandic pure wool and you can purchase them through Vökuró, a UK based online shop which sells original design pieces sourced from an array of Scandinavian designers.

Row of NotKnot Cushions by Umemi sold on Vökuró

Grey Turks Head Knot on Eames Chair

Round Brocade NotKnot Cushion on Chair

Turqoise Turks Head Knot Cushion in Wool

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