Okko Hotel Room Interior Design by Patrick Norguet

Okko Hotel Room Interior Design by Patrick Norgeut

Okko Hotels are a recently established, rapidly growing chain pioneered by Oliver Devys. The first Okko Hotel opened a month ago in Nantes, France and several others are currently being built throughout France. Acclaimed designer Patrick Norguet was commissioned for the interior design of the first urban Okko Hotel and his designs will also be used in the new hotels which will be opening over the next few years. These will be in Lyon, Grenoble, Cannes and Strasbourg as well as two further hotels in Paris.

Okko Hotels Club Area for Guests by Patrick Norguet

Patrick Norguet and Olivier Devys are planning to revolutionise the field of city accommodation with Okko by making their hotels a hybrid between chain and boutique establishments. Okko Hotels will be both stylish and affordable with an emphasis on originality and quality. The aim is to make staying at their hotels feel like being home away from home by providing comfortable rooms as well as a communal Club room where guest can socialise, work and dine.

Communal Club Space in Okko Hotels by Patrick Norguet

Okko Hotel Bedroom with Desk, Bed and Screened En Suite Bathroom

As mentioned, Okko Hotel is supposed to feel like a home away from home and creating that in an 18m² hotel room certainly isn’t an easy task. Patrick Norguet‘s brilliant interior design manages to fit a double bed, sofa, en suite bathroom and desk into the space, without it feeling at all cramped.  A television, clothes storage, and other elements are kept behind a curtain to keep visible clutter to a minimum. The corner settee is compact yet ample and it backs onto the louvred screen walls of the en suite bathroom.

Compact Sofa space in Okko Hotel Room by Patrick Norguet

Okko Hotel Room Bathroom with Louvred Walls by Patrick Norguet

I usually find it quite hard to get excited about bathrooms; the fixtures and layout rarely deviate from what we have come to expect. Bathrooms often end up either feeling like densely packed box rooms, or cavernous spaces sparsely populated by porcelain fixtures. The Hotel Okko bathrooms are certainly small in terms of area but are anything but claustrophobic. Walls are formed from curved glass which create a sense of opening up, and these are loosely screened by horizontal, white louvred panels.

Curved Louvred Wall of Okko Hotel Bathroom


A compact wall-mounted desk unit sits upon the opposing wall. In the past hotels would have surfaces as writing desks but in the modern age I think this is probably more tied into laptop usage. This continues the Okko Hotel theme of a home from home where professionals can continue with their work if they desire. The colours incorporated into these units serve as highlights in the otherwise minimalist interior design and exist in various hues in different rooms.

Close-up of Small Writing Desk by Patrick Norguet for Okko Hotels

View of Desk in Okko Hotel Room by Patrick Norguet

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