Quartz Chair by CTRLZAK

Removable Angular Cushions in the Quartz Chair

Inspired by natural crystalline mineral formations, this all-encompassing lounge chair by CTRLZAK is made up of 16 angular cushions that fit into a framework of stained beech wood. Each cushion can be removed sat on individually to accommodate more guests, but when fully assembled the Quartz chair offers an unrivalled nest-like sitting experience.

Quartz Armchair in a Rocky Natural Setting

The armchair of course derives its name from quartz crystals and the designers at CTRLZAK have continued this rocky theme with the colour palette for the cushions with a progression of grey though blue.

Quartz Armchair by CTRLZAK Beech Wood Frame

Side View of the Quartz Mineral Crystal Inspired Chair

Nature with its astonishing perfect geometry has always been the primary source of inspiration for most forms of creative projects.CTRLZAK

Quartz Chair Diagram by CTRLZAK

User can customise their chair to an extent by rearranging the cushions fit their preferred sitting style. However the rigid framework of the chair is somewhat limiting and doesn’t offer the same sort of versatility as another design we’ve seen on Homeli: The Bloc’d Sofa by Scott Jones Design.

Quartz Chair by CTRLZAK

Quartz was originally designed by of CTRLZAK and later put into production by Italian furniture company D3CO. As is the case with a lot of the more outlandish pieces of furniture design, the Quartz armchair does come with a somewhat prohibitive price tag of $14,000 (£9,400 / €12,850).

Close-up of the Quartz Chair Materials

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