Shelters by the Sea by LUMO Arkitekter

Array of 'Shelters by the Sea' by LUMO architects in Denmark

LUMO Architects designed these cabins to serve as shelters and stopping points for nature lovers heading to the Danish islands of Skarø, Drejø, Brikholm and Ærø in the South Fyn Archipelago. 50 of the black timber clad shelters were erected throughout the region, at 19 individual sites that are carefully arranged so as to plot a route for potential visitors, and to discourage trekkers from venturing into vulnerable areas.

Black Shinmgles Cabin Amongst Danish Forest

Picnic Benches Inside Shelter by the Sea in Denmark

The multiple shelter formats all bear a strikingly similar design aesthetic of black-stained wood shingle cladding and small circular windows which seem to be dotted at random across their facades. The angular and somewhat irregular forms of the cabins blend in with the raw landscape by resembling rocky outcrops.

Angular Form of Shelter Cabin

Three-storey high shelter with bird-watching platform

The designers at LUMO Architects created a total of five different models of cabins with varying shapes, sizes, and intended usages. A three-storey high structure houses a bird-watching terrace at its peak, while a range of smaller cabins capable of accommodating seven, five and two guests also feature at certain sites. A picnic cabin and a small lavatory were also designed for the project to accompany the shelters.

Picnic and Lavatory Cabins by LUMO Architects

Interior View of Shelter Accommodation

Close-up of Exterior Timber Cladding and Circular Windows

Different cabin modules were carefully selected for different sites to blend with the landscape. For example the taller cabins are to be found nestled amongst trees while the low-profile 2-person shelters are situated by the seashore.

Low-Profile Wind-Restistant Cabin by Danish Archipelago Coast

Low-Profile Shelters by the Sea by LUMO Arkitekter

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