Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit

Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit

Zippo have designed this Emergency Fire Starter Kit to help hikers get a fire going under potentially damp emergency circumstances. While the case resembles their classic Zippo lighter in both form and function, there are some fundamental differences in the design. Most importantly, the flint wheel has been rotated 90(degrees) so that the sparks it create flare outwards to the side rather than to the central wick of a conventional lighter.

Orange Metal Case Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit

Secondly, the case of the Emergency Fire Starter Kit has been modified from the classic Zippo shape, and is available in just one colour: bright orange, for heightened visibility in an emergency. While all Zippo lighters can be described as water resistant (in the most literal sense), the Emergency Fire Starter Kit boasts a rubber O-ring around its cap to create a more water-tight seal to keep your tinder sticks dry.

Zippo Emergency Fire Kit with 4 Wax Coated Tinder Sticks

Zippo have designed both a metal and plastic cased version of their Emergency Fire Starter Kit which each can house 4 of these specially designed tinder sticks. The Zippo tinder sticks are coated in an orange wax which are to be torn open along their perforated spine, and then ignited with the rotated flint wheel of the device. They act as the initial fuel source to get a fire started quickly.

Lighting a Tinder Stick with the Zippo Fire Starter Kit

Replacement tinder sticks can be bought in packs of 8 for $5 or £5, and as is the case with regular Zippo lighters, the flint can be replaced.

Flint Wheel Rotated 90 Degrees to Cast Sparks Outwards

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