London Map Side Table by Hasan Agar

London Map Coffee Table in Green, Blue and Grey

London Map Side Table by Hasan Agar

Instantly recognisable, Hasan Agar has created these side tables which feature the iconic street map of London. The water of the Thames’ is interestingly depicted by a scaly pattern composed of concentric circles. Another creative piece of design that went into this side table is its legs, which unusually have a triangular cross section. N, S, E and W are incorporated into the joints between the table surface and these triangular legs to denote orientation.

Different Colour Options for London City Table

Close-up of the Engraved London Map Table

The London streets are laser cut into the metal sheet and then given a matte powder coated finish. Hasan Agar has envisioned several different colour options for his London Map Side Table, but most notably a scheme in which London’s parks take on a green hue, while the river is blue and the blocks of buildings in grey.

London City Street Map Table by Hasan Agar

The London street map is engraved on a metal surface: if you follow the gaps and solid surfaces, you might find yourself in an unforgettable place filled with wonderful memories whilst enjoying your warm cup of tea, cosy on your sofa.Hasan Agar

London City Map Side Table in Grey

Laser Cut Metal Street Map Table by Hasan Agar

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