Atlas Table in Geometric Wood by FUNDAMENTAL

The Atlas Table with Vase

The Atlas Table, made of interlocking wooden segments, is a masterpiece to behold, both as a tactile object and a work of art. The geometric pattern was achieved by inlaying darker wooden pyramids into a latticework of oak cubes. The resulting triangle motif adds a sense of dynamism to an otherwise stationary furniture piece.

Edge of the Atlas Table by Fundamental

Birdseye View of the Atlas Table Triangular Geometric Pattern

A lot of our work is about fascination, which is actually just a polite way of saying obsession. We work with these patterns that appear really simple at first, because they’re plain and geometric, but they become more and more complex the longer you look at them.Stephen Molloy, FUNDAMENTAL

Interlocking Wood Matrix of the Atlas Table

Atlas is made entirely of oak, the contrast between the larger and smaller triangles being achieved by giving the latter a smoked finish. These smaller pyramids are then embedded into the matrix of larger interlocking cubes and the entire surface is planed for a smooth finish.

Underside of the Atlas Tabel by Stephen Molley and Gunnar Rönsc of Fundamental Berlin

I really feel its our responsibility when working with a beautiful material such as wood to honour the resource.Gunnar Rönsch, FUNDAMENTAL

Side-view of the Atlas Table

Several of the darker pyramid segments are left loose at random, so the user can chose to have a few peaks or valleys on their table as a ‘bonus feature’.

Rearranging the Loose segments of the Atlas Table

The Atlas table will set you back €8,875 and this considerable price does make it unfeasible for many. But it is nevertheless an understandable figure given the amount of work that goes into such an arduous and labour intensive piece of carpentry.

Close-up of the Wood Inlay with Valleys

We like to think of the customer one rainy Tuesday afternoon just looking at the table, and the story of its making and everything just slowly unfolding. So that months after the initial excitement of getting a new piece of furniture has died down, that you’re still peeling little slices of the story off for yourself and digesting them over time.Stephen Molloy, FUNDAMENTAL

View Across the Atlas Table's Surface with Protruding Segments

Watch this video in which the creators at FUNDAMENTAL give an overview of the design process behind the Atlas Table.

The Designers at Fundamental Group Berlin Sitting at the Atlas Table

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