Confluence Topographical Plywood Tea Tray by Artonomos

View from above Confluence Tea Tray

There are tea trays and there are tea trays; this one sits firmly amongst the underpopulated latter group. Confluence by Hong Kong outfit Artonomos is a most remarkable example carved from birch plywood, the stripped away layers resembling a topographical map which portrays a landscape of undulating valleys

Confluence Plywood Tea Tray

It might appear as though these tea cups are balanced precariously on the edge of a precipice, but the tactical topography is arranged thus that small hollows exist in which tea-serving paraphernalia can be nested. A central canyon also promises to serve as a reservoir in the event that any tea is spilt.

Confluence Tea Tray

The Confluence tea tray that was for sale by Artonomos through Etsy was priced at $1700 (£1,045 / €1315) although this has since (somewhat surprisingly) sold out. The Etsy listing had mentioned that it was one of 100 unique trays so it is hard to deduce whether it was the first or the last of this limited run. It is not clear whether more of these tea trays will be made for future orders.

I can’t say I’m too fond of the slightly glossy finish given to the birch plywood, but such a protective surface is surely necessary to ensure the longevity of this immaculately crafted (and expensive) piece.

Topographical Sculpture Tea Tray by Artonomos

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