The Grid Game: Hexagonal Wooden Dominoes by Estudio Victor Alemán

Playing Dominoes with The Grid Game Wooden Hexagons by Victor Aleman

Victor Alemán designed The Grid Game to try and revive the (almost) lost art of table-top pastimes. The game Alemán has conceived is dubbed Mexican Domino, working on a similar premise to regular dominoes but with each piece having 3 sides. These stunning dominoes are handcrafted from different segments of wood and form a visually pleasing array when laid out.

Translation from Regular Dominoes to Mexican Dominoes


Laid Out Set of 75 Grid Game Wooden Mexican Dominoes

The Grid Game set features 75 individual dominoes, each of these hexagonal tiles being made of 3 parallelograms of different wood varieties. The aim of the game is to match the wood colours with all the adjacent tiles; essentially 3-way dominoes. While the dominoes you are most likely familiar with have two numbers per domino, this version version features 3 values that need to be matched. As the game grows, the combined hexagonal forms starts to produce an isometric 3D optical illusion of stacked cubes.

Wooden Mexican Dominoes Game

Victor Alemán sees real value in the aesthetic qualities of games to bolster their continued presence in family culture. He reveals a theory in which he believes that part of the reason for the decline of physical tabletop games such as dominoes is the hassle of finding and putting away the sets. But he’s designed The Grid Game to look so good that people wont mind leaving out on the table all the time, both for decoration and play.

Family Playing the Grid Game Mexican Dominoes

In a world of virtual connections where games have gone digital we play online collecting data in virtual spaces. Gone are the sacred moments when we would gather around a table and play with physical objects. Few families keep this tradition.

One reason could be the annoying task of putting the game away or trying to remember where it was stored the last time it was used. Nevertheless, these type of games cultivate family togetherness and teach us to share experiences by challenging us with one single goal in mind, to finish the game first.

Estudio Victor Aleman designed The Grid for families and friends to share moments of joy and leisure. A simple and easy board game which, once finished, turns into a decorative piece on the table. Therefore, there is no need to put it away. This little detail keeps the game handy at any given time, always ready for one more play.Victor Aleman

Hexagon Wooden Dominoes Isometric 3D Optical Illusion

The Making of The Grid Game by Victor Aleman

Making the Grid Game Dominoes in Wood with G Clamp

Close-up of Different Wood Colour Finishes

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