Remsenburg Barn House by D’Apostrophe Design

Remsenburg Barn House by D’Apostrophe Design

It’s hard to believe that the structure converted was actually a ‘fake’ barn built in the 1980s. This revelation is perhaps cushioned by the fact that the timber used on the exterior was reclaimed from a 200 year old barn in Canada, and by the traditional sash windows that sprawl along the sides of the volume like cannons from a galleon.

Free Standing Bathtub in Remsenberg Barn House Bathroom

200 Year Old Reclaimed Barn TImber Cladding

Front Facade Windows Array

D’Apostrophe Design’s Barn House in Remsenberg, New York is defined by the array of monumental windows that span its gabled facades. I find it strangely frustrating that the angles of this topmost windows don’t match the inclines of the pitched roof, but this minor contrivance, or lack thereof, isn’t something I’ll lose sleep over. The prolific symmetry that runs rampant throughout the rest of the dwelling more than makes up for this imperfection.

Central Staircase Leading to Upper Portion of Remsenberg Barn House

Beam Framework of Hampton Barn Conversion

Minimalist New England Dining Area Barn

Front Facade with Concrete Platform and Monolithic Window

This renovation project is by far the most progressive, yet simultaneously uncorrupting, barn conversion we’ve seen to date. The team have an uncanny knack for equilibrium, both in the unceasing symmetry inherent in the structure, as well as in the balance of tastes. Herein lies clean modern minimalism, characteristic period features, as well as some subtle, recondite design quirks hidden in the interior geometry.

Minimalist Angular Staircase in D'Apostrophe Design Barn Conversion

Music Room with Large Window Overlooking Garden

Unique Staircase Geometry by D'Apostrophe Design

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