Cityscapes Modular Felt Carpet Tiles by ALLT

Cityscapes by ALLT Felt Rug

Cityscapes is a flooring concept by Slovakian design studio ALLT that was originally unveiled way back in 2011. A Cityscapes carpet is made up of 40 identical felt modular tiles that can be arranged in a number of ways to fit all sorts of flooring spaces. Each module is made up of 4 diamond shapes divided by indented lines which look identical to the grooves that exist between tiles to create a seamless look.


The modules interlock to create an isometric pattern with the illusion of 3 dimensional shapes being created on the assembled rug. The geometric pattern of Cityscapes was inspired by street pavements and city skylines, and has a distinctly modern, minimalistic feel.

Cityscapes Felt and Rubber Tiles being laid

Each tile is made of dense grey felt and features a rubber base to make the carpet non-slip. The felt feels warm underfoot as it is 100% wool and is certainly more comfortable than the pavements that Cityscapes was based on.

Cityscapes Geometric Felt Tiles Close-up

The Cityscapes modular carpet system was designed to be sold as a 40 tiles set which can cover 2m² in various configurations. Unfortunately the system was never commercially produced and ALLT – ALL THAT state on the Cityscapes page that they’re still looking for a manufacturer to collaborate with to put it into production. I really hope this does get made one day as I’d certainly be interesting in purchasing a set.

Cityscapes Modular Felt Tiles by All That

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