WaterNest Floating Home by Giancarlo Zema for EcoFloLife

WaterNest Floating Home by Giancarlo Zema for EcoFloLife

Giancarlo Zema designed this unique floating house concept for EcoFloLife with the very real prospect that sea levels could rise in mind. Dubbed WaterNest, the dwellings provides roughly 100m² of floorspace capable of accommodating a family of 4 in comfort.

Lounge Chair and Dining Furniture by Giancarlo Zema for Origami Furniture

The name WaterNest is very apt, given that the structure is both circular and composed of wood. One of these dwellings can be installed upon any calm body of water, whether it be a river course, lake or bay, and provides an outside balcony for enjoying the scenery.

Layered Cardboard Recycled Furniture in WaterNest Bedroom by Giancarlo Zema

With an aluminium hull, both an interior and exterior of timber, and furniture made from layered cardboard (also designed by Giancarlo Zema for Origami Furniture), WaterNest can proudly boast being 98% recyclable. Furthermore, the fact that this form of housing occupies water instead of land will of course also mean that vegetation is allowed to remain on land that might otherwise have been built on.

WaterNest 100 Floating Home by Giancarlo Zema and EcoFloLife

EcoFloLife have envisioned four different floorplan options for various usages of their structures. Pictured below is the restaurant configuration but EcoFloLife have also designed residential, office and shop layouts for WaterNest.

Restaurant Configuration Furniture in WaterNest 100 by EcoFloLife

The roof of WaterNest features a whopping 60m² of photovoltaic panels capable of producing 4kW of electricity at peak times. The solar array essentially covers the entire roof, and diminishes the visual impact of WaterNest when viewed from above as it blends with the surrounding water, in a similar way to living green roofs on land.

Solar Panel Roof of WaterNest Dwelling

WaterNest Interior with Origami Furniture in Cardboard

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