Drawings in Space: Wood Sculptures of Iconic Designs by Janusz Grünspek

Drawings in Space Office Exhibition in Wooden Dowels by Janusz Grünspek

Resembling 3-dimensional blueprints, Janusz Grünspek has been hard at work creating these wooden wireframe sculptures depicting some of the modern world’s most iconic designs. Grünspek’s portfolio has followed in this minimalistic vein since 2009 when he first created exhibition featuring an entire office in his unique style.

Reel Film Projector Sculpture in Iconic Design Series by Janusz Grünspek

The construction of these sculptures is a relatively simple affair: wooden dowels glued together, but the pain-staking amount of work that goes into assembling a more complex piece such as the film reel projector is considerable. Attention must also be paid to the structural integrity required for larger sculptures such as the tables in this delicate medium.

Series of Minimalistic Framework Sculptures by Janusz Grünspek

Drawings in Space Casestte Sculpture by Janusz Grünspek

Janusz Grünspek has clearly chosen to focus on some of humankind’s most iconic designs as the subjects of his sculptures. A MacBook, Moka pot espresso maker, both casette and VHS tapes, and even harkening back to one of the most fundamental pieces of design: the hammer.

Simple Hammer Sculpture in Geometric Wooden Dowels by Janusz Grünspek

Moka Pot Stovetop Espresso Maker Sculpture by Janusz Grünspek

Stripped back to their bare elements and core dimensions, these 3-dimensional frameworks closely resemble the 2-dimensional technical drawings that would have gone into their original design. They allow us to really appreciate the thought that went into their conception, and to catch glints of the pleasing qualities that explain why they have ultimately become recognised as iconic designs.

Waltham W104 Casestte Player Sculpture by Janusz Grünspek

VHS Tape Minimalist Sculpture by Janusz Grünspek

MacBook Laptop Design Sculpture in Wood by Janusz Grünspek

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