Cortada Laser Cut Wood Furniture by Anna Blagova

Cortada is a furniture series created by Russian designer Anna Blagova constructed from interlocking segments of wood. The word ‘cortada’ translates from Spanish to English as ‘cut’, which is an appropriate title as the wooden pieces which make up the furniture are laser-cut. They are composed of 10mm thick MDF wood and remain collapsible allowing the fairly large chairs to be transported easily.

The edges of the MDF wood is inevitably charred as a result of the laser cutting process, but this serves to add a level of definition and detail to the pieces through the contrasting colours. This is particularly noticeable on the arms of the chair and on the interlocking cross shapes that cover the large side segments of the Cortada chairs.

Anna Blagova has designed two versions of the Cortada chair, one upholstered with ribbed felt cushions and one in cream leather. The series also features a small side table with a matching angular aesthetic.

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