‘Considered Objects’ and Slag Candlesticks by David Taylor

Considered Objects by David Taylor

David Taylor is a designer who often makes use of seemingly raw, industrial waste materials in his works. This includes hewn concrete and irregular slag nodules, and he combines these with more refined metal components such as turned brass to create uniquely balanced one-off pieces.

Turned Brass and Concrete Dish by David Taylor

Objects can be made for any number of reasons, with “Considered Objects” it was pure escapism. During an intensive period of planning, delivering, meetings and deadlines “Considered Objects” provided a free zone to focus on something else. Some jog, some do yoga, I returned to my workshop for an hour every other day to find peace in making. With each shift the pieces took shape, the result of a three-part conversation between hand, mind and material.David Taylor

Concrete Table-top Mirror by David Taylor

‘Considered Objects’ is a series of minimalistic table-top items — including a mirror, dish and vase — which makes use exclusively of concrete and brass. David Taylor’s latest collection entitled ‘Slag’ is similarly unique and incorporates slag mineral and aluminium box tube sections to create candlestick holders.

Slag Candlestick Holders by David Taylor

Slag is an occasionally colourful, glass-like waste material from the smelting process of metal ore, and can develop vibrant oxidised patinas. This by-product has been used for aesthetic purposes in jewellery and glassware since at least the time of ancient Egypt. The mineral residue tends to take on blue-green colourations, as is the case in David Taylor’s Slag candlestick holders.

Inspiration isn’t something that I rely on, it’s too unpredictable. I keep creating little pockets of things I like until I reach a tipping point to push me in one direction. It’s design by critical mass.David Taylor in Fibonacci Stone

Read more from the above text by David Taylor over at Fibonacci Stone.

Vase from Considered Objects Series by David Taylor

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