Artist Retreat in Upstate New York by GLUCK+

Set within secluded land conservancy woodland in Upstate New York, this cluster of structures designed by architectural studio GLUCK+ are intended to serve as an Artist Retreat for a photographer. The site gently slopes towards a pond, with the individual volumes following this gradient in order to afford added privacy from the dwelling’s approach at the top of the hill.

The wood clad cubes, which individually house living spaces and bedrooms, are largely linked together by two windowed corridors. However two further conjoined volumes stand apart from the main living complex. These contain the artist’s photography studio and darkroom, with this literal division serving to keep life and work separate.

Their simple shapes are strong silhouettes in an agricultural landscape, organized in a shifting grid akin to agricultural plots in the area. The slatted weathered hemlock cladding is a nod to the utilitarian barn structures that dot the local landscape.GLUCK+

Throughout GLUCK+’s Artist Retreat, the living cubes are adorned with square-shaped picture windows which frame the surrounding views. These vast windows can be covered with sliding shutters, each coated with a different vibrant hue as shown in the image below. The exteriors of the structures are horizontally clad with strips of North American hemlock-spruce which has already started to silver to a more refined shade.

There is a porosity to the interior world of this retreat.GLUCK+

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