Fortress Table by Markus Johansson Made from a Single Steel Sheet

Fortress Table by Markus Johansson Made From a Laser Cut and Hammered Steel Sheet

Markus Johansson has created these formidable looking Fortress Tables which will be on show at the Salone Satellite during the 2014 Milan Design Week. These angular tables are formed from steel sheets which have been cut into complex geometric star shapes using a laser cutter. These zig-zagging 24-point stars are then hammered into shape around a wooden preform block, in a similar manner to applying lead flashing around roofing. The video below offers a unique insight into the production process behind Fortress Tables.

The use of a computerised laser cutting machine, coupled with the hammering hand work, creates an interesting blend between automated industrial processes and labour intensive craftsmanship; indeed the geometric symmetry of the Fortress Table would be nigh on impossible to achieve as an exclusively handmade piece.

Close-up View of Two Bent Metal Fortress Tables by Markus Johansson

Set of 4 Fortress Tables in Different Sizes and Brass and Copper Finishes

Fortress Tables are made of steel sheet plate but this metal can be given a number of different finishes. The tables pictured above were anodized in brass and copper while Markus Johansson also plans to offer the tables lacquered in various colours. They have also been made in two different sizes: a side table, and a coffee table with a lower wider surface.

Two Fortress Tables in Brass Metal on Edge

Brass and Copper Laser Cut Hammered Steel Sheet Fortress Tables by Markus Johansson

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