Dime: Spherical Drinks Cabinet by Splinter Works

Half-Opened Wall Mounted Dime Drinks Bar in Rosewood

Inspired by a spinning coin, the Dime Cabinet is a hemispherical, wall-mounted furniture piece that can house either a drinks bar, a standing desk, or a mini-kitchen. Several curved segmented panels surround the inner compartment which collapse smoothly to the sides of the unit.

Array of Three Dime Cabinets to Make a Kitchen

Dime is a dynamic piece evoking a spinning coin. The individual curved segments, glide and shuffle to reveal its function. When closed it has a poetic repetition of form, softened by the texture of rosewood. Upon opening, the curved segments have a pleasing resistance, each contracting evenly until fully opened.Splinter Works

Closed Dime Cabinet

Fully Opened Dime Bar by Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington

The Dime Cabinet was designed by Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington of Splinter Works and sits well amongst their portfolio of atypically luxurious furniture. This includes a hammock-like bath: Vessel, as well as a remarkable rebalancing rocking chair: Bodice. This unusual lounge chair is uniquely shaped and carefully balanced so that it stands upright when not being sat on and is a great space saver.

Partially Opened Dime Mini-Kitchen by Splinter Works

Art Deco Wall Mounted Mini Kitchen

While the hemispherical shape of the bar gives it a uniquely art-deco feel, and harkens back to the golden days when spirits were served from hollowed-out globes, its far from space-efficient. Even in a larger than average dwelling, the wall-mounted Dime Cabinet is going to take an awkward, considerable chunk out of your floor space. But on balance, if you had thought it necessary to have a bar in your house then Dime is actually a pretty compact unit.

Hemispherical Art Deco Drinks Bar

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  1. Marcus cross

    Can you please advise the price and size of one of your drinks spheres, loving it

  2. Tracey Lewis

    Wow amazing design, I love the drinks sphere, how much are they and where would I be able to buy one from?

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