Stackable Table Set for Oil, Salt and Pepper by Peleg Design

Stacked Table Set with Oil, Salt and Pepper by Peleg Design

Peleg Design are well known for their fun, playful products, and while some of them may start to border on kitsch, this stackable table set is certainly rather smart. It features a decanter style bottle for olive oil, and two doughnut shaped shakers for salt and pepper. These vessels are made of glass and ceramic, and all fit together to form what could be regarded as a more adult take on a baby’s stacking rings puzzle toy.

Stacking Rings Table Condinemts Set by Peleg Design

While this stackable seasonings set might at first glance seem like a bit of a novelty, it is actually quite a practical pieces of design. The ring shaped dispensers are very tactile and easy to hold, and the stacking makes for a convenient way to carry all the condiments to the table at the same time. However you will need to remove the rings each time you pour oil — lest everything come out at once — which will no doubt get tedious after a while.

Using Pepper Shaker Doughnut

This table set is delightfully affordable and would make an ideal housewarming gift for any avid Mediterranean foodies. The set of 3 condiment dispensers is available on Amazon for £22.50 / $40.

Table Set by Peleg Design

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