Taree Sideboard by Terezie Simonova for E1+E4

Taree Sideboard Cabinet Side View

This remarkable sideboard was designed by Terezie Simonovo for production by E1+E4. Taree has three cabinet compartments sealed off by doors which feature no hardware to retain its clean, modern style. This piece of furniture is all about the contrast in styles which phase together from one side to the other.

Taree Sideboard by E1+E4

To the left is a chaotic, serrated surface with modules crisscrossing and interlocking while the right of the cabinet is very clean and minimalistic in style. A hollowed-out dividing line separates these two aspects of the Taree sideboard. The L shaped leg under the right hand side is also a nice touch.

Taree Close-up

The Taree sideboard was inspired by concrete and its fragmentation although note that there is no concrete in the sideboard. The doors of the cabinets and the serrated pattern on the left section are in fact MDF lacquered in various shades of grey while the rest of the sideboard including its body and legs are made of solid oak. Unfortunately the Taree sideboard will be out of reach for many as it has been priced somewhat absurdly at €5,500 but it might be possible to recreate your own similar piece of furniture if you’re looking for a DIY project.

Taree Sideboard Open


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