The EXOCET Chair by Stephane Leathead

The EXOCET Chair by Stephane Leathead

The EXOCET Chair is a remarkably elegant and inherently flexible furniture design by Stephane Leathead. Two slatted wooden appendages pivot on a central metal cylinder, and this allows the chair to adopt an array of different positions, from a lounge chair to a bench, or even a recliner for two.

The EXOCET Chair as a bench

EXOCET Chair with the NYCTALE Table by Stephane Leathead

This chair compliments another of Leathead’s furniture designs nicely: the NYCTALE Table. This piece (pictured above), is also composed of parallel segments of interlocking wood, and can be rotated in a similar way to the EXOCET Chair to modify the furniture’s functionality.

Laying on the See-Saw EXOCET Chair

EXOCET Chair with an Upright Backrest

It is not quite clear how the limbs of the EXOCET chair are held in position, whether it be through a release mechanism that can be set at any point in a 360˚ cycle, or whether there are predefined settings that the limbs lock to. Regardless this is a remarkably versatile furniture piece with space-saving potential, that can even sit two back-to-back as a recliner.

The EXOCET Chair as a Recliner for Two People

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  1. Valerie Shears

    Terrific design! I want to show these to my high school design students, it will blow their minds!

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