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Modern EcoSpace Garden Studio

Although the concept has been around for a while, Ecospace seem to be the first company to really get it right when it comes to sustainable, great looking, durable modular garden studios. These are described as garden studios as they are primarily intended to be used as outbuildings but some of the larger versions could be suited as dwellings in their own right. Ecospace studios have a distinctive modern style and make extensive use of cedar cladding, large windows and mostly flat or mono-pitched roofs.

Dual Pitch Ecospace Studio in Forest

Ecospace clearly had style and sustainability in mind right from the beginning of the design process making use of renewable, long lasting materials such as cedar and birch wood panels in their studios. There’s also an avoidance of the so called ‘wet trades’, namely painting and plastering when it comes to their construction methods as these types of finishes typically need to be redone every 10 years or so whereas cedar is naturally resilient to decay and doesn’t need finishing at all. The use of flat roofs on many of their garden studios also make it possible to grow a living, mossy surface that camouflage and require very little maintenance. Solar panels can also obviously be incorporated onto these flat roofs.

Modular Garden Ecospace Studio

Ecospace Modular Studio wtih Living Roof

Unlike a lot of home improvement and residential development companies who require you to give away all your details to request a callback, EcoSpace are very open about their prices which start at around £15,000. They even provide a really neat web application for their modular garden studios called the Configurator that lets you choose the type, size and any extra fittings such as shower rooms, kitchens, decking or skylights to be added along with a price breakdown at every stage. However note that these prices exclude VAT and delivery and you’ll need to look at what utilities are available on your site which can also be very costly although Ecospaces come fully finished inside with utility fittings such as broadband internet connections for modern living.

Side Facade of Ecospace Studio in Forest

However, the great thing about their modular garden studios is that due to their relatively small size, their height in particular, many of them don’t require planning permission if be used as an outbuilding to a pre existing property. Unfortunately things might not be as simple if you’re hoping to erect an Ecospace on a new building plot although it is likely that your planning application will be looked at more kindly due to the remarkable carbon credentials of Ecospace studios. As architects, Ecospace are very knowledgable, about such matters of course and can look at any planning consent details for you.

Cedar Clad Garden Office and Studio by EcoSpace

The fact that Ecospace studios were designed by an architect group are what really set these modular garden studios apart from the rather daggy looking Swiss chalet style sheds that tend to be used as outbuildings. Not only is there style to consider here but also functionality and a lot of attention has been paid to the level of insulation offered in the walls and Scandinavian windows and doors. However as architects, Ecospace also cater to other needs and are able to offer bespoke studios as well as holiday retreats, houses and large scale residential developments.

Modular Preferabricated EcoSpace Garden Studio

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