ROOM Collection Block Shelving by Kyuhyung Cho and Erik Olovsson

Tall Shelving Unit Composed of ROOM Collection Shape Blocks

What at first glance might look like an oversized building block puzzle set is actually a surprisingly well designed piece of furniture. The ROOM Collection by Kyuhyung Cho and Erik Olovsson is modular in its truest sense with blocks which can be simply stacked on top of each other and reconfigured at any time. Indeed the 25 blocks which make up the ROOM Collection can either be combined to form a tall shelf or divided to create several smaller pieces of furniture.

Empty ROOM Collection System as Sideboard Configuration

Asymmetrical ROOM Collection Furniture Configuration with Large Oval Shape

“While it is common to use a square form to arrange an object, Erik and Kyuhyung were interested in diversifying the relationship between object and space to create furniture as rooms for objects.”

The collection was entitled ROOM due to this notion of forming spaces intended to serve specific functions – much in the same way as rooms in a house. Kyuhung has cited architectural inspiration in creating these geometric apertures and there are also clear parallels to be drawn between the stackable nature of this modular shelving system and a child’s building block set.

Stack of ROOM Collection Modular Shelf Blocks

ROOM Collection Stacked Shape Blocks Shelving

The ROOM Collection is comprised of 25 blocks and one low table which serves as a platform to raise the unit off the ground. The wooden blocks are hollowed out with an array of different geometric voids which, while they might not make the most efficient use of space, are actually more practical than they look.

For example the peaked module can keep a book open at a certain page, while the keyhole shape is ideal for a vase of flowers. The jagged square is my personal favourite and it is intended to house either books or a family of electronic devices – a smartphone, tablet and laptop – diagonally between its zigzagging edges.

ROOM Collection Modular Block Shape Furniture as Sideboard

Wooden Block Modules of ROOM Collection Furniture System by Kyuhyung Cho and Erik Olovsson

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  1. joanna

    i love these posts, i do… but why oh why is it never mentioned where this would be available to purchase??

    and if it is /not/ available to purchase, that should be mentioned.

    oooh i would loooooooove this for my home.. absolutely delightful.

    1. Avatar photo Author

      Hi Joanna, at the time of writing the ROOM Collection shelf wasn’t available to buy anywhere and unfortunately this is often the case with a lot of the unique furniture we write about. We’re going to endeavour to feature more interesting furniture that is available to buy in the coming weeks though so stay tuned. Thanks for your feedback

      1. Abigail

        Hello, I came across another article about this amazing looking system, today, and so far as I search for it online, I still can’t find where to purchase it. Is it still unavailable for purchase? Is there any new information for it, now, at all? I’m a disorganized artist, & if affordable, this system would be perfect for me!

  2. B.Biju

    I saw the diffrent sizes of room shelfs which is useful to keep objects and photos etc.I want to know the prices of the shelfs.

    warm regards,

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