Edyn Garden Sensor for a Smart Connected Garden

Edyn Garden Sensor Measuring Environmental Conditions

Last year Jason Aramburo set up a Kickstarter campaign for Edyn: an internet connected, solar powered probe that keeps track of environmental conditions in your garden. Just 12 months later the sensor devices are already being stocked in mainstream shops, most notably the american hardware store Home Depot, showing just how powerful crowdfunding can be for tech startups.

Edyn records 4 key metrics that are intrinsic to growing healthy plants: moisture, sunlight, temperature and nutrients. However the key strength of the device is how this data can be displayed to the user via a smartphone app in convenient and easy to understand formats.

iPhone User Interface for Edyn Smart Garden Sensor System

These statistics are invaluable for beginner and master gardeners alike, giving the uninitiated suggestions on what plant varieties would be suited to their garden’s conditions, and enabling experts to fine-tune their conditions to enhance yields.

Edyn Garden Sensor Water Valve Soil Moisture

The Edyn probe sensor was in fact designed to be a part of a modular system which includes a hose valve for automatic, intelligent watering. The Edyn system dispenses just the right amount of water based on current weather conditions and historical evaporation patterns which can save a considerable amount of water and cultivate healthier plants.

It’s time to use our knowledge and skills, augmented by technology, to change our food system, cultivate healthier plants and help us live more sustainably.Jason Aramburu

This sort of technology has of course already been in use in the intensive commercial farming industry for years but with recent innovations in solar panels, Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity, it has since become viable for a domestic setting.

Edyn Smart Garden Auto-Watering iPhone Notification

Edyn Garden Sensor and Water Valve Hardware Designs

As mentioned Edyn is already being stocked in american hardware shop Home Depot and is priced at just $95 (£60). However the water valve attachment doesn’t seem to have made it to market yet which somewhat limits the overall usefulness of the system at present.

Edyn Smart Garden Water Valve Solar Powered

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