Daily Needs Modular Chicken Coop and Garden by Studio Segers

Daily Needs Modular Garden for City Life by Studio Segers

Belgian design group Studio Segers have unveiled this modular garden array for city dwellers who want to get the most out of their limited outdoor space. This flatpack garden kit is free standing and can be set up anywhere, even over concrete or tiled paving as pictured below. The various modules – which include a chicken coop, green house, compost bin and raised bed – fit together in a line, suitable even for an alleyway.

Daily Needs Modular Chicken Coup in Setting

Full Length View of Daily NeedsModular Chicken Coup

The Daily Needs modular garden comes as a flat pack kit and its exterior panels are primarily made up of of timber cladding. However there are also black mesh sheets for the cage of the chicken run as well as black door panels for the ends of the chicken coop. It’s not clear yet whether the Daily Needs garden would be sold as a fixed set or with users would having the option to select which modules they want.

Components Layout for Daily Need Modular Chicken Coup by Studio Segers

Timber Clad Minimalist Chicken Coup

Incorporating chicken accommodation is what sets Daily Needs apart from other raised bed planter systems. The chicken coop has a playful pitched roof shape, similar to the archetypal child’s drawing of a house, which is continued through to the caged chicken run.

The outside space for the chickens does seem quite cramped, particularly in terms of width, and it isn’t specified how a suitable ground surface would be offered for the chickens. It could be an idea for the outside chicken run to incorporate a ‘raised bed’ of about 5cm of earth.

Internal View of Chicken Coup by Studio Segers

Compost Bin in Modular Daily Needs Garden Furniture

Daily Needs by Studio Segers also features many modules for gardening. There are green house frames which continue the pitched roof shape of the chicken area, as well as standard raised beds, and even a compost bin to encourage recycling of food waste. Raised beds are ideal for those looking to start growing their own vegetables as the isolated soil is relatively easy to maintain.

I’d be interested to see this modular garden idea developed further by Studio Segers to include even more components with more flexibility. It could perhaps incorporate a secure toolbox with padlock for keeping gardening equipment in, or even a section to keep a bicycle in with a locking system and rain cover.

Green House, Raised Bed and Compost Bin Modules

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