Embrace Sofa Organizer and iPad Stand by Spell

Embrace Sofa Organizer and iPad Stand by Spell

Spell are a Dutch furniture design label who seem to have recently been trying to envisage furniture pieces of the future. Some of these pieces such as Nomad as well as Embrace as pictured here aim to accommodate one of the most significant, present-day lifestyle trends: iPads and other tablet computers. While the range of Nomad tablet furniture might in my opinion be too large and obtrusive for something with such a simple purpose, Embrace meets the brief perfectly.

Embrace Sofa Arm Organizer iPad stand and iPhone charger

Embrace offers an elegant solution to one of the (lesser) problems of the modern age wherein we often find ourselves clumsily juggling iPads, smartphones and cups of coffee while sitting on the sofa. While some might tend to rest their cups and iPhones with their oh so fragile screens haphazardly on the edge of the sofa, this often ends in disaster. Embrace is essentially coffee table but its design allows it to be in a far more accessible location than traditional coffee tables and it has a far more aesthetically pleasing design than those cantilevered sofa tables that look like they came straight out of a hospital.

Embrace Wooden Sofa iPhone Charger in Walnut

Not only does the Embrace sofa organizer have a flat surface on which you can rest items and a groove which serves as an iPad stand, it also offers cable management allowing you to neatly and discretely run a charging cable for your iPhone or other device as pictured above. The flexible strips that weigh the Embrace down on each side allow it to fit the arms of most sofas but I don’t think it would work particularly well on sofas with rounded arms. However I think those who would adopt an Embrace interaction platform would tend to have more modern sofas which often feature squarer shapes.

Embrace in Walnut and Oak

The Embrace iPad stand is mostly shown here in oiled American walnut but it is also being offered in oak wood as well as yellow and white as stated in the brochure. Spell’s website currently states that the Embrace stand is available to pre-order although this information seems to be outdated and I think it’d be worth contacting them if you’re interested in ordering as they don’t run a click-and-checkout online shop.

Spread Out Embrace in Walnut

Embrace Organizer with Coffee and iPhone Charging

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  1. Scooterch

    I don’t follow your logic, that potential users would have squared arm sofas. I do agree that, despite it’s good looks and thoughtful design, it would likely fail on the rounded arms, which are more common. A bigger problem, however, is that it looks like a dust trap. Just another thing to keep wiping down… instead of slouching on the sofa with your gadgets.

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