Kassona Chest by Tvrtko Bojic – Flexible Walnut Chest for Treasured Posessions

Folded Out KAssona Chest with Internal Shelving and Top Compartments

The Kassona Chest was designed by Tvrtko Bojic as a piece of furniture in which to keep a family’s treasured items. This hub of sentimental and even mythical objects is intended to age gracefully due to its composition in rich walnut and to ultimately become a family heirloom in itself. It was based on the traditional Italian Cassone – a high quality chest given to the bride by the parents on her wedding day – and has many small compartments to keep possessions with emotional value safe but accessible.

Kassona Chest Compartments

Closed Walnut Kassona Chest by Tvrtko Bojic

When closed, the Kassona Chest looks like a regular sideboard but a series of hinges around the edges afford the blocks movement and allow the chest to take a number of different configurations. This flexible piece of furniture features large hidden internal compartments which essentially become shelves when the Kassona Chest is opened up.

Side View of Kassona Chest Shelves

Length View of Kassona Chest Internal Bookshelves

These shelving spaces have irregular shapes in order to accommodate a series of compartments along the top of the unit which are concealed by removable panels. The neatly arranged chambers are divided and the relatively small sizes of the compartments ensure that only a family’s most treasured objects are stored within the Kassona Chest by Tvrtko Bojic. This sets it apart from standard pieces of storage furniture which thanks to their larger size, are often used to store unnecessary items – just stuff basically.

Hidden Storage Compartments of Kassona CHestDoor Pannels in Walnut on top of Kassona Chest

The workmanship of the Kassona Chest is of the highest quality and is akin to the traditional Cassone bridal chests. It was crafted from walnut as a bespoke piece by master-craftsmen at Rukotvorine, a family-owned workshop who specialise in traditional walnut carpentry methods.

Hinges of Reconfigurable Kassona Chest

Kassona Chest by Tvrtko Bojic

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  1. Fido

    An awesome piece of furniture! Where could one buy this? Btw, there are a few typos in the article (bridge, instead of bride and Rufotvorine instead of Rukotvorine).


    1. Avatar photo Author

      Thanks for pointing those out. As far as I’m aware this was made as a one off bespoke piece. I’m sure you could show the pictures to a very skilled carpenter and he could make something similar but it’ll no doubt cost a lot.

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