Pop-up Candle Holder in Brass by Studio Inbetween

Pop-up Candle Holder in Brass by Studio Inbetween

These minimalistic candle holders were designed by Kiseung Lee at Studio Inbetween in both circular and octagonal formats. They start out as 2 dimensional discs of punched brass metal and can be formed by the user into their own shapes. The resulting candle holders somewhat resemble nests and can either be freestanding or suspended from the rim of a glass.

Array of Inbetween Pop up Candle Holders

Range of Forms of Pop Up Candle Holders in Brass by Inbetween

Example of Nest Candle Holder

The discs are made of brass, a relatively malleable metal that is capable of withstanding being sculpted in this manner. The resulting ‘tea light’ candle holders can be made to either be relatively shallow nests, or stretched out to form longer candle cages (the extent to which is demonstrated in the video below).

Inbetween Candle Holder as Disc

Note that the central disk of the pop-up candle holder features 3 notches which need to be bent downwards to form legs. These would hold the candle’s base slightly above the table surface and should minimise any potential scorching that might occur.

Tea Lights with Pop up Candle Holders by Inbetween

Pop up Candle Holder Cardboard Packaging

Studio Inbetween sell these pop-up candles holders online and package the 2D discs in equally minimalistic cardboard envelopes. Both the circular and octagonal options cost €13 (£10 / $15) each.

Octagonal Pop Up Candle Holder by Inbetween

Brass Pop Up Candle Holders Suspended in Glasses

Brass Pop Up Candle Holders by Inbetween

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