Cartesia Desk in Walnut with Multi-Directional Drawers by NOSIGNER for COLORS

Cartesia Desk in Walnut with Multi-Directional Drawers by NOSIGNER for COLORS

The Cartesia Desk from COLORS is a minimalist masterpiece which demonstrates a coupling between innovative design and traditional high quality craftsmanship. The desk is defined by its innovative drawers which can be opened in two different directions and it is after this unique property that the desk was named. Cartesia is derived from the Cartesian coordinate system which plots points on two axes of direction.

Cartesia Desk Drawers by COLORS

Cartesia is in fact a series of furniture designed by Eisuke Tachikawa of NOSIGNER and sold by COLORS which is defined by its extraordinary multi-directional drawer system. In the case of the desk this was simply incorporated as a set of drawers to the side but the range is mainly populated by chests of drawers as pictured below.

Cartesia Chest of Drawers by NOSIGNER for COLORS

In Cartesia NOSIGNER has essentially reinvented the drawer – or at least the mechanisms behind it – and offers an innovative design in which the drawers can open in two different directions. The workings behind it are actually surprisingly simple (as the picture below shows) and the advantage of these drawers is that you can open them all at the same time and still be able to access the contents. It also makes it much easier to get to the hard-to-reach areas at the backs of the drawers.

Two-Directional Drawers in Cartesia Desk by COLORS

Cable Management in Cartesia Desk in Walnut

The Cartesia desk also incorporates this minimalist cable management system with a small drawer to house excess wiring and an elegant slit to hold the wires in place when not in use. There are countless cable holders such as the Cable Fondler Mini and other more complex systems popping up at the moment, but by far the best solution would be for desk designers to take note and accommodate cable holders into their furniture such as with this simple drawer, or the integrated power supply in the TRMNL desk by CreativeSession.

Close-up of Walnut Drawers in Cartesia Desk

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