Vibrant 3D Canvas on Edge Artworks by Stallman Studio

Solar Plexus - Warm Hue and Grey Canvas on Edge by Stallman

These remarkable pieces are the work of Studio Stallman who pioneered this innovative technique they describe as ‘Canvas on Edge’. Swirling ribbons of painted canvas are arranged and fixed within the frame to creating these abstract works inspired by natural colour spectrums and micro-biology. The largely hollow artworks allow an interesting play of light on the background, and shadows are of course also created within the recesses of the 3D sculptures.

Rising Currents Blue Hues Canvas on Edge Art by Stallman Studio

Rising Embers - Warm Hue Orange and Grey Canvas on Edge Art by Stallman

Stallman Studio is a duo of two artists: Jason Hallman and Stephen Stum, who merged their surnames to form Stallman. The duo started out with a series called Excavated Paintings which they refer to as ‘acrylic geology’. These artworks consisted of acrylics painted over each other and then scraped away, to reveal interesting reliefs, but the artists’ recent portfolio seems to consist solely of these vibrant Canvas on Edge pieces.

Path of Least Resistance Greey and White Canvas on Edge Painting

Catching Fire Swirling Canvas on Edge Artwork

The cut edge of the canvas creates an elevated line drawing and when seen at an angle, fields of color emerge as your perspective to the piece changes. Each length of painted canvas is bonded to itself and to the background creating a rigid structure within the frame. The hue of the painted canvas reflects on the background creating a spectrum of color. By using reflecting light, pigment and structure they can multiply the hues and tones within each sculpture.Stallman Studio

Atlantic View Deep Blue Hue Canvas on Edge Painting b y Jason Hallman and Stephen Stum

Lost and Found - Grey Canvas on Edge Art by Stallman

Speed of Light Canvas on Edge Painting by Jason Hallman and Stephen Stum

Helios - Panoramic Aspect Canvas on Edge Art by Stallman

The Canvas on Edge artworks are listed for sale on the Stallman Studio website (although many of the pieces pictured here are already described as sold). The vibrantly layered, multi-coloured works can be easily viewed together, and filtered on the website based on the painting technique and warmth of hue.

Nightfall Canvas on Edge Swirling Art by Stallman

'Solar Flare' Canvas on Edge Artwork by Stallman Studio

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