Naman Spa in Vietnam by MIA Design Studio

Vibrant Plants Trailing Over Open Courtyard

Luscious plant-life plays a key part of the architecture of Naman Spa by MIA Design Studio. The spa is a part of the Naman Retreat in Vietnam and is intended to serve as a zone of natural relaxation. MIA Design Studio describe Naman Spa as an ‘oasis of tranquility, and water and vegetation are indeed strong elements in this luxurious setting

Looking Down Over the Courtyard of Naman Spa with Trailing Vegetation

One of Fifteen Treatment Rooms at the PURE Spa of Naman Retreat, Da Nang

A large portion of Naman’s Spa exterior is glass, and so the dangling vines nestled amongst the white latticed panels help to partially screen the harsh tropical sun. The shadowing plants (species which are local to the Da Nang region) prevent the interior from over heating in a sustainable manner.

Exterior of Naman Spa in Vietnam by MIA Design Studio

Vines Dangling Over Courtyard Pools

A gentle breeze is also encouraged to pass through the inner courtyard of Naman Spa, amongst the trailing plans and over the shallow pools, to further cool the building. Naman Spa features a total of 15 treatment rooms set around this central courtyard which benefit from this natural ventilation.

Internal Corridor of Naman Spa by MIA Design Studio

Exterior of Naman Spa in Vietnam with Plants Amongst White Lattice

Reflections of White Lattice Exterior of Naman Spa in Water

The facade is composed by lattice patterns alternated with vertical landscapes who filters the strong tropical sunlight into a pleasant play of light and shadow on the textured walls. Various plants are carefully allocated and become a part of the architectural screens. MIA Design Studio

Complex White Exterior Screen Housing Plants

Local Plant Varieties Trailing Over Clean White Interior Balcony

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