Thao Dien House by MM++ Architects

Thao Dien House in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam by MM++ Architects

Thao Dien House is the result of a renovation carried out on a villa in a suburb of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The former villa was a dated pastiche and the project involved stripping back the structure to its bare concrete elements, and reworking the building to become a minimalist modern setting.

Charles Eames Designed DSW Chairs in Thao Dien House

Living Wall Planted Exterior Section of Thao Dien House in Vietnam

The upper portion of Thao Dien House is a solid volume which stands supported by square white pillars that blend in seamlessly with the exterior rendering. This allows the ground floor’s open plan interior spaces to be largely unenclosed on three sides to truly appreciate the remarkable outside spaces.

Thao Dien House Open Plan Interior with Staircase

Lush Green Vegetation Surrounding Thao Dien House

Most notably, the house is both surrounded by and clad with lush vegetation, adding an extreme sense of vibrancy to what might otherwise be considered a muted and somewhat restrained piece of minimalist modern architecture.

Vibrant Plants Surround Thao Dien House by MM++ Architects

We’ve seen living walls in the past on Homeli with our feature on Patrick Blanc’s work. He refers to the features as vertical gardens and his pioneering techniques have brought the concept to prominence. His pieces are incredibly intricate and are works of art in their own right.

Thao Dien House in Vietnam Bathroom Window

Thao Dien House in Evening by Pool

Minimalist Interior Shelves of Thao Dien House by MM++ Architects

Living Wall Segment of Thao Dien House's Exterior Close-up

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