Water Well Inspired Lamp by MEJD Studio

Water Well Inspired Lamp with Light Bulb as Bucket

This fun adjustable lamp by MEJD Studio was inspired by water wells, and works via a simple wooden crank mechanism which raises and lowers an internal light bulb when turned. It functions similarly to the bucket in a traditional well as the electrical cable of the lightbulb serves as the rope. The glass housing of the lamp has a gradient finish, with the upper portion being clear glass and the lower portion obfuscated.

Water Well Inspired Lamp by MEJD Studio

Electrical Cable as Rope in Water Well Inspired Lamp

Frosted and Blue Glass Variations of the Well Lamp

As a result of this varying translucency, the Well Lamp can essentially be dimmed by simply lowering the lightbulb into its glass enclosure. MEJD have designed the Well Lamp in two iterations with differing gradient finishes: the first ranging in opacity with a frosted lower portion, and the second with a deep blue tint at the base.

Deep Blue Tinted Glass Enclosure

Coiled Rope at Top of Well Lamp by MEJD Studio

MEJD is one of our favourite design studios here at Homeli and we’ve already featured two of their playful designs in the past. These are the Street Collection and the Twist Me! bookcase — which incidentally is also adjustable via a primitive wooden mechanism.

Dimming the Light in Well Lamp by MEJD Studio

Wooden Crank Mechanism

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