Aree Table and Desk by Vedran Erceg

Aree Desk

The remarkably elegant Aree table was designed by Croatian Vedran Erceg as a project which focused on the balance between design and craftsmanship. It was made in collaboration with furniture producers Armarion and two versions exist: a desk configuration and a standard table. They both revolve around the same premise in which the smooth white surface of the tabletop continues down the legs in one seemingly seamless sheet.

Aree Table by Vedran Erceg

Pictured above is the desk in dark stained ash which also features a unit of drawers suspended by tubular steel. Below you’ll find the standard table version which has natural wood tones and is more suitable for use as a dining table. The Aree table has a lot of mid-century modern charm with its tapered legs and certainly wouldn’t look out of place alongside some Eames DSW chairs.

Aree Table with Dining Chairs

This early edition of the Aree table has been handcrafted and this coupled with the high-end materials such as Kerrock (artificial stone) for the surfaces and ash wood for the body of the table, means that a premium price can be achieved to cover the increased costs of small scale production. However if there is demand for the Aree desk then higher quantities could be manufactured to offer the desks at lower prices.

Aree Desk Suspended Cabinet

Aree Table Outside

Aree Table Drawer

The Arree desk also features this elegant concealed drawer and below you’ll see an exploded view of the components of the desk. It shows how the flowing lines of the smooth white surface which continues down the legs are actually made up of 3 separate pieces. For more details view the Aree table on Behance here and like the Facebook page for up-to-date news on the project.

Aree Desk Disassembled

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