Insekt Desk by Kellie Smits for ARRé Design

Insekt Desk by Kellie Smits, ARRé Design, Buisjes en Beugels +++

The perfect balance between minimalism and functionality might just well have been achieved by the Insekt desk. It has a simple plywood construction, yet offers ample storage space within its many compartments, drawers and shelves. The way in which this extra space has been created, simply by forming the table top out of two separate plywood sheets supported by strips, seems painfully obvious now you look at it and I’m left wondering why more furniture isn’t constructed this way.

Insekt Desk

The Insekt desk was designed by dutch designer Kellie Smits for ARRé Design who seems to have a bit of a ‘+’ obsession. Smits has her own kidswear design label and shop called ‘Buisjes en Beugels +++‘ and the Insekt desk as pictured here comes in three sizes: +KIDS, +ADULT and +WORK. The kids version which is smaller in size and has a slightly lower surface won the Interior Innovation Award of 2013.

Insekt Desk +ADULT In Use

Apparently it was called the Insekt desk as the designer thought it resembled an insect. Unfortunately I just don’t really see the resemblance here except perhaps for the brightly coloured yellow surface. There are 4 legs instead of 6 and they taper in a way that in my opinion more resembles those of a mammal. But what does it matter? It’s only a name after all but if you’re looking for insect themed furniture for whatever reason I’d suggest you move on.

Insekt Desk Side Compartments

Insekt Desk +Adult Drawer

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