Solid Walnut Wallets and Watches by Slim Timber

Walnut and Maple Wallet by Slim Timber

Slim Timber is a husband and wife duo based in Idaho who handmake the wooden wallets you see before you. Each of these wallets are milled from single blocks of solid walnut or maple wood, and are sealed with a single a leather strap via a subtle magnetic clasp. The design is rather minimalistic in function as well as aesthetics, serving more as a card case than a fully fledged wallet, but is ideal for those who travel light.

Collage of Different Wood Wallet Varieties

Close-up of Walnut Wood Grain of Slim Timber Wallet

These hollowed-out, solid walnut block wallets ($55 / £35 / €45) are capable of holding up to 8 cards and some folded notes, but obviously can’t really deal with coins. If this sort of wallet isn’t quite your cup of tea then you might be interested in Slim Timber’s equally dashing — but perhaps less unique — wooden bifold wallet at $55 (£35 / €45). The company have since also gone on to make a true card wallet for $39 (£25 / €30) as well.

Slim Timber Walnut Bi-Fold Wallet

Mandatory hipster paraphernalia

Mandatory hipster paraphernalia

Slim Timber are really pushing the limits on what can be achieved with wood in the realm of personal accessories — in a similar way as Grovemade is for wood tech accessories — and have recently unveiled their wooden Skate Watch. Remarkably this watch made from seven-ply wood is water resistant, and is probably one of the cheapest automatic watches around at $245 (£155 / €200).

Skate Watches by Slim Timber

Milling Solid Blocks of Wood for Wallets

Making Process Picture of Slim Timber Wallets

Attaching the Leather Magnet Clasps to Slim Timber Wallets

I’ve been rocking one of Slim Timber’s solid walnut wallets for about a year now and I’m a big fan of the design. Its size and rigidity does necessitate that UK notes have to be folded into thirds to fit in (and to be easily extractable) but this is a minor grievance at most.

Walnut Slim Timber Wallet with UK Notes

One other thing I will advise though is not to put it in the same pocket up against your phone if there is any sand present as the screen will become scratched — more easily than it would be with a squidgy leather wallet anyway. Luckily my phone is a piece of junk but just a warning to all you pristine iPhone 6 wielders out there.

Walnut Wallet by Slim Timber

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