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Designed by Steuart Padwick, the Fonteyn Collection comprised several pieces of furniture each with a distinctive style of rounded corners and poised legs. The series is named after the iconic ballet dancer Dame Margot Fonteyn due to the elegant arrangement of legs in all the pieces. This is something of a recurring theme in Steuart Padwick’s work as another of his designs, the award winning Darcey Desk with similarly splayed legs, was named after the ballerina Darcey Bussell.


The poised legs in the Fonteyn desk and Fonteyn dressing table aren’t only decorative, as the manner in which they spread out provide added stability to the structure while also giving more space for your own legs at the centre of the desk. Shorter, stubbier legs also exist on the smaller pieces of furniture in the collection including the Fonteyn bedside table and Fonteyn media unit.


Wood is the dominant material in Steuart Padwick’s Fonteyn furniture series with a palette of several options. A combination of oak and walnut is the standard, but variations including walnut and red gloss as well as oak and coral gloss also exist.


Fonteyn Desk


The Fonteyn Desk is a compact piece that features two slim drawers ideal for a laptop and paperwork. There is also a Fonteyn Console Desk which contains three drawers and as a result in considerably wider.

Fonteyn Bedside Table and Bed


Steuart Padwick’s Fonteyn Collection extends to the bedroom with this matching bed and bedside table. They both bear the iconic rounded-corner style and two-tone wood construction of walnut and oak.

Fonteyn Media Unit


The Fonteyn Media Unit has a classic pill-shaped design with overtly rounded ends. It features two sliding doors for hiding any TV media related equipment and a cut-out hole at the rear for discretely running wires through.

Fonteyn Coffee Table


With stubbier legs, the Fonteyn Coffee table is a piece of furniture with a much lower profile but a wide spanning surface. It features a central square drawer, and two semi-circular cubby holes suited for magazines.

Fonteyn Dressing Table


This variant of the Fonteyn desk features a circular mirror and a more compact, two-drawer construction that is better suited for the Fonteyn dressing table.

The Fonteyn Collection was designed by Steuart Padwick for, a UK based furniture company which aims to give prominence to less well known designers and put an emphasis on the uniqueness of their offering. While functions as a consumer-friendly, non-wholesale shop, note that much of their furniture is made-to-order and as a result typically has waiting times of 8-12 weeks. However more popular pieces such as those in the Fonteyn Collection are kept in stock for quicker deliveries.


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