HIMANDHER Modular Dressing Table by Studio248

Using the HIMANDHER Dressing Table Drawers

The HIMANDHER dressing table is a highly customisable modular system by Studio248. It features separate storage components made of walnut and copper and these ‘islands’ can be rearranged to suit the user’s changing habits. Many are specifically shaped for various items. For example there’s a conical island for a watch, a stand for necklaces, and a long grooved segment that supports a mirror at the back of the surface.

Walnut and Copper Container Module

Grooved Mirror Support Module of HIMANDHER Dressing Table

These islands feature zigzagging bases that lock them in place on the boldly ridge-cut marble tabletop surface. The containers can of course be slid horizontally along the length of the HIMANDHER dressing table, but the directional restrictiveness of the grooves does add some order to what could potentially become a cluttered area.

Zigzagging Bases Lock in Place on Marble Surface

HIMANDHER Dressing Table by Studio248

Over time, as the users’ styles and preferences evolve, the versatility of this vanity hub would still make it relevant, always allowing the users to design his and her own vanity landscape whilst sharing one space harmoniously.Studo248

Marble Walnut and Copper Materials

The modular nature of this organisational system and the use of this zigzagging ridge-cut marble is very similar to a project we have featured on Homeli in the past: Shkatulka by Lesha Galkin. Both have remarkably elegant yet complex designs and bare a functional neutrality that allows the user to employ them as they see fit.

Walnut Glasses Container Modules

Marble and Walnut Table Detailing

View Inside Drawers of HIMANDHER Vanity Hub

Minimalist Dressing Table

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