Colour Arrangements by Emily Blincoe

'for the birds' Colour Eggshell Arrangement by Emily Blancoe

These painstaking colour arrangements were created and captured by photographer Emily Blincoe. By carefully ordering collections of objects by hue and shade, she has managed to make even the most mundane items into these beautiful spectrums and colour palettes.

Tomato Season Cross-Section Colours by Emily Blancoe

Many of her arrangements feature food — most notably fruit — as the various degrees of ripeness offer an infinite pallet of colours that run in the same spectrum. However pebbles, plant material and egg shells have likewise featured in her pieces.

Blue to Red Pebble Colour Arrangement by Emily Blancoe

Green Sweets Collage by Emily Blancoe

Emily Blincoe has also completed a series of monochrome sweet collages as well as colour coded arrangements of toys and objects aptly named ‘The Collection Collection’ (below).

'here are all my yellow things' Collections Collection by Emily Blancoe

Salmonberry Colour Arrangement by Emily Blancoe

Pepper Party Colour Arrangement by Emily Blancoe

If you’re a fan of Emily Blincoe’s work you might be interested to know that several of the colour arrangements pictured here are available to purchase as prints from her online shop here. You can also view all of Emily Blincoe’s colour arrangements in this Flickr album and keep up to date with her latest pictures from her Instagram.


Blue Candy Arrangement by Emily Blancoe

'Citrus Fest 2014' Cross-Section Fruit Colour Array

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