Eco Pot Modular Penholder and Plant Pot by Julia Kononenko

Julia Kononenko's Eco Pot Design from Behance

Julia Kononenko designed these minimalist desk objects to serve as both pen holders and plant pots. The frames of the Eco Pots are made from elm wood which is lined with L-shaped glass vessels to prevent any soil and water from affecting the wood.

Eco Pot Modular Penholders and Plant Pots by Julia Kononenko

Components of Julia Kononenko's Eco Pot Design

Eco Pot's with Smaller Holes for Pencils

The Eco Pots feature a gridded array of 9 holes for vertically storing writing implements. Julia Kononenko has designed two subtly different versions with holes of differing diameters to hold marker pens or pencils.

Eco Pot in Use on Desk

Close-up of Succulents Planted in an Eco Pot

The L-shaped planter segment encourages users to cultivate a desktop garden with an emphasis on several smaller specimens such as succulents, as opposed to one larger plant as one would expect to find in a typical circular plant pot.

Components of Julia Kononenko's Eco Pot Design

Julia Kononenko designed her Eco Pots to be modular and several can be placed together to form more complex arrangements. For example with four, an outer border of plants can be created.

4 Eco Pots Arranged to Form a Modular Ring

Julia Kononenko's Eco Pot Design from Above

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