Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus Colourful Stackable Bowls

Nest 9 Plus Stackable Bowls and Food Preperation Set by Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph are without a doubt my favourite kitchenware design brands and are still managing to make design innovations in an field that seems to have stagnated. When they’re not creating new utensils we didn’t even know we needed such as the spaghetti measurer, Joseph Joseph are constantly honing and perfecting the designs of kitchenware items we’re already familiar with and use daily.

Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus Food Preperation Set in Use Mixing Bowl

Elevate Stirring Spoon by Joseph Joseph

The Elevate range of cooking utensils is a perfect example of this. How many times have you hesitated and tried to avoid putting down a sauce coated stirring spoon on the kitchen counter before giving up and settling for just wiping up after? Well no more, with the addition of a simple protrusion on the stem of the spoon/spatula/tongs (delete as applicable) the dirty end of the utensils can be suspended in mid-air.

Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Compact Stackable Bowls

But the piece from Joseph Joseph I’ve decided to focus on in this article is this colourful plastic set of nested cooking bowls. I wanted to feature my favourite piece of design from around my home and I’ve been using this set daily for around a year now. They sit in one of the compartments in an Expedit shelf and save so much space in comparison to having separate colanders, mixing bowls and sieves. To be honest I don’t use the measuring spoons much as I’m not much of a baker but they definitely make the set feel more complete and add a sense of perfection with the rainbow spectrum of colour.

The quality of these bowls is also a step above the rest. For example the mixing bowls have rubber non-slip bases so you can do some pretty vigorous stirring without them sliding all over the place, and the bowls and the colander have smooth, non-stick interiors to make cleaning up incredibly easy.

Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Food Preperation Set Bowls Unpacked

The cooking preparation set pictured here is the Nest 9 Plus which is the second iteration of these stackable bowls with some slight improvements over the first. The colour scheme makes a bit more sense in the revised Plus set and the smaller measuring cups clip together to make putting them away easier. However I still found the compact Nest 9 set quite fiddly to stack at first and is the only criticism I have of Nest Plus 9 by Joseph Joseph.

There is also a premium set known as Nest 100 which is made of stainless steel but also much more expensive at £100 in comparison to the very reasonable £42 for the plastic. To be honest I prefer the super-colourful plastic Nest 9 Plus set as the colours really pop and there’s been no fading after a year of use.

Joseph Joseph Nest 100 Food Preperation Set in Stainless Steel

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