Convertible Shelf / Table from Dot & Bo

Convertible Shelf - Table from Dot & Bo

Probably one of the most reasonably priced pieces of .gif-tastic transforming furniture around, this industrial style furniture piece from Dot & Bo can alternate between being a shelf or a table. The framework of the talves (or sheble depending on your preference) is made of iron while the shelf panels are composed of fir wood.

Animated Transforming Industrial Shelf Table by Dot and Bo

This is certainly a marvellous looking piece of industrial furniture but there are a couple of flaws to be noted in its design. For example when it comes to transforming your shelf into a table, it can’t be against the wall, and as this is after all the place shelves typically inhabit, it will involve frequently having to move this heavy iron and wood structure around. The positioning of the dining table’s leg frames aren’t exactly ideal either and will make it hard to seat more than 4 guests at the table.

It is most probably recommended in the instructions that you remove items from the shelf prior to transforming, but this might not strictly be necessary. Come to think of it, it would make for a most memorable party-trick if you were to carefully set out the plates and cutlery on the shelves (to the guest’s bewilderment), only to then effortlessly convert the peculiar structure into a perfectly laid out table.

Mid-way Convering Shelf to Table

The transforming shelf / table is being sold by Dot & Bo for $999, although upon visiting their site you’ll be greeted by an infuriating site-blocking overlay urging you to become a member in order to view the details. Seriously, what kind of shop thinks that this is a good idea? However if you disable JavaScript in your browser and refresh the page you’ll be able to stop the overlay appearing and see the price. Consumers: 1, Out-of-touch marketing-types: 0.

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  1. Amy Nash

    Nice item! So you basically get a tenis table, shelf, table all in one? I wonder what are the dimensions on this one, because 999$ seems a bit too much for what it looks like. It definitely needs to last for ages with that price tag!

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