BUILD Modular Shelving

Build Shelving Modules Assembled

BUILD is modular furniture in its truest form with a shelving system that can be expanded and rearranged over time. Although at first glance BUILD might appear to have a random configuration with various block shapes, all BUILD modules as pictured are in fact identical. They’re essentially irregular hexagonal cells which fit together and extraordinarily always provide a level surface at the base of each module. A lot of thought has clearly gone into the geometrical design of the system but from a user’s perspective, BUILD couldn’t be simpler. Fixing units together can be done in minutes without the need of any tools but merely with some three-pronged specially designed clips which also include a hole that allow you to fix your shelving group to a wall.

BUILD Modular Shelving System

Assembling a Build Modular Shelf

Build Modular Shelving Rendering Concept

Any number of BUILD modules can be used to create a shelf with no set configurational patterns in place. Units are made of a super strong yet light weight non-toxic plastic. So light in fact that they float on water, so strong that two people can easily stand on one and so safe that you can eat them (apparently). I find the formaldehyde scare tactics at the start of the promotional video a bit unnecessary really as Ikea have done a lot to bring their levels well below regulation requirements in recent years but it’s definitely a good thing for designers to be taking these matters so seriously.

Long Array of Potential BUILD Modular Shelf

Wall Mounted Build Modules as Shelf

Unlike most of these sort of revolutionary furniture concepts, BUILD has actually made it past the development stage and you can start pre-ordering your units now through their site. They’re starting at €49 per unit which to me seems more expensive that it needs to be but you also have to bare in mind that BUILD units will last forever and you can grow your shelving/partition wall over time.

Black BUILD Shelving Units

White BUILD Shelving Group

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