Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson 360 vacuum cleaner climbing a small step

Up until now they have been little more than a novelty gimmick, but Dyson seem to have made the first viable robot vacuum cleaner. The Dyson 360 Eye benefits from a set of rubber tank tracks to cover all floor surfaces, a 360° camera (think Google Street View) for smart and efficient navigation, and of course Dyson’s compact but powerful radial cyclone technology.

Dyson Roller Head Cleaning Carpet

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Cleaner Navigating a Coffee Table and Sofa

Dyson are apparently aiming for a Spring 2015 general release date (after a limited numbers run in Japan at the end of 2014), although there’s no word on price yet. Given the prices of their other products relative to their competitor’s, it really wouldn’t surprise me if they ended up charging in excess of £500 for their first robot vacuum cleaner. What does look clear though is that Dyson seem to have made the best robot vacuum cleaner to date, and they actually seem quite embarrassed to even be in the same field as their competitors.

That’s the impression I got from the series of great videos that Dyson have released (embedded below) which do a great job of demonstrating the innovative features that set it apart from existing robot vacuum cleaners, as well as detailing the design process. I won’t go into too much detail myself here about the inner workings or the specifications of the Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner as the official website for the Dyson 360 Eye is an amazing, Apple-esque single page scroller with annotated exploded views of the Dyson 360 Eye’s internal components.

Side view of the Dyson Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with rubber tank tracks

Control the 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Cleaner with the Dyson App

Recharging station for Dyson 360 Eye

James Dyson gives an overview of his new 360 Eye cleaner and demonstrates the features that set it apart from existing robotic vacuums.

Paul Finn-Kelcey, Dyson’s Head Design Engineer for Robots shows us the moving parts of the 360 Eye, including the digital motor, cleaner head, and tank tracks.

Dyson Lead Robotics Developer Mike Andred explains how the Dyson 360 Eye navigates using a panoramic camera, and how computer programming allows the robot to plan the most efficient route for a room.

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vaccum Cleaner

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    very very successful room cleaner i would like to have one, though i was intrested in buying roomba ,now ihave changed my decession,i would like to know the lowest price of Dyson 360 eye, thank you. b ahmed

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