Flip Series Furniture – Chairs and Tables by Daisuke Motogi

Flip Series Furniture - Relaxed

When is a chair not just a chair? With living space in modern apartments getting tighter and more of an emphasis being placed on sustainability, the Flip Series by Japanese designer Daisuke Motogi offers an innovative solution to these issues by fitting two furniture pieces into a single unit. Flip chairs can simply be flipped upside-down or onto their sides while the Flip table’s legs rotate to lower the table top from dining table/desk height down to a more comfortable coffee table.

The chairs also focus on changes between more serious and relaxed states with the Flip stool as pictured below to the right alternating between a low straight-backed stool and an encompassing lounge chair. The original Flip chair in the middle is transformed from an upright dining chair to a low seat. Likewise the ‘coffeecup’ shaped armchair above has three states in total including being set on its side with the handle acting as a backrest as pictured below as well as being place upside down to function as a table. Made of urethane plastic, these chairs are incredibly strong while also having some flex and bounce in the material as the video below demonstrates.

Flip Chairs by Daisuke Motogi

The Flip Series was originally produced by sixinch but as the range was developed a few years ago these Flip Chairs no longer appear to be featured on their site. Although as a specialist company in this style of plastic furniture, there’s plenty of other pieces you might still be interested in. However it still looks like you can order items from the Flip Series through designer Daisuke Motogi’s site DMA by emailing over an order form. Prices start at ¥108,000 (£683) for the sleek Flip Stool up to ¥180,000 (£1,140) for the more elaborate Flip Rocking Chair. The versatile Flip Table is also quite reasonably priced at ¥96,000 (£607) but I think the stylings of this wood and glass table are too far detached from the rest of the Flip Series with its more playful, plastic nature. Despite offering similar ‘flip functionality’, they just don’t compliment each other well in my opinion but are great as standalone pieces.

Flip Series Furniture - Serious

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